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SE Anderson & Associates, LLC provides quality and efficient computerized accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to small and medium sized businesses. Some of the services we offer include tax planning and return preparation, general ledger and financial statement preparation, selection, installation, and setup of computerized accounting software.

Our services also include computerized bookkeeping, creating and implementing your employees' job procedures, hiring and training of your company's bookkeeping/financial staff, financial and operational reporting and custom formatting of financial reports.

Our Philosophy

  • Integrity is a basic value in all relationships. Ethics will be the core consideration in all decision making regarding clients, vendors and co-workers.
  • Exceptional quality begins with commitment. Our commitment to quality includes being personable to our clients, responsive to their needs and accurate in our performance.
  • Our people are our most important assets. We will build a work environment based on trust, respect, appreciation and an opportunity to contribute.
  • The relentless pursuit of education and continuous improvement is essential in meeting the constantly changing needs of our clients.
  • Enduring relationships are built by understanding and anticipating our clients’ needs. We will strive to consistently deliver those products and services that help our clients achieve their personal or business goals.
  • Innovation keeps us vital and growing. We embrace creativity, look for different perspectives and will actively pursue new opportunities.
  • We are each accountable for our actions and their results. All employees are expected to step forward in meeting responsibilities. We encourage and will reward both individual and team initiatives.
  • Profit is essential in giving us long term financial strength and in fueling our growth. It is fair to expect that our owners are provided with an equitable return.

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